Online Panel Discussion

Panel discussion Topic: Share Market after COVID-19

The outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 all over the world has disturbed the political, social, economic, religious and financial structures of the whole world. Apart the tragic human consequences, most of the countries are going through recession and collapse of the economic structure. Many economists feared and predicted that the pandemic could lead to inflation.

In this difficult time, we the students of SBIS have decided to conduct a panel discussion titled ‘Share Market after Covid-19’. The event mainly focuses on the effects on the share market during and after corona virus pandemic. The current situation is something no one expected, and it raises many questions in our mind. Through this event, we want the students be aware of the current situation about the share market and the future impact it will have soon after the pandemic ends.

We think that today’s generation should have the knowledge of share market. We have all mugged up the definition and its advantages, but we don’t know how the share market of Nepal operates in the real sense. So, the students would be delighted to learn from the experts.

In the current word, GPA decides our future. Higher the scores, higher chances of securing a good job. Additionally, the education system of our country is mostly theory based. Most of the students end up mugging up the answers just for the sake of getting higher grades without understanding the topic. Our education system lacks the practical knowledge. Students are unaware of what is happening in the real world. Thus, we need guidance from people who have experienced it in the real world and add a great value to the understanding of Share Markets during and after COVID-19.

Topics Covered:

  • Share market: An introduction
  • Condition of Nepal Share Market during and after COVID-19
  • Investment decision
  • Condition of Nepal Stock Exchange, investors and potential investors
  • Introduction to international practices of stock market
  • Knowledge of impact of changes in business of various sectors