Message from the Head

The Department of Management Informatics and Communication and the BBIS program aim to cultivate high degree of professional competence and self-confidence in every individual associated with us. What really gives us uniqueness is the blend of experiences we try to offer to students, faculties and staffs through exposures to continuous discourses in humanities, education, management, communication, and business and information studies – apart from the regular curricular activities across Management, Engineering, Science, Law and Education.

Dear Students:

Do not move in the path of life like walking in water where your footprints do not mean anything. Relationships are very important, and you are in such an enriching ambience of the University’s main campus that allows your friendships and networks to grow wide and infinitive. Try to keep good old friends around as you make new ones. There is no point in climbing the mountains alone since there will be no one with whom to share the joy of reaching the summit. As you go (I mean as you grow), take as many people as can accompany you. The moment of reaching the summit in a group is sublime. The trail of growth should be spiral, covering as many enriching relations as you can sustain and nurture.

Also, remember that one who is accustomed to working only after signals will often remain stuck at the crossroads. So, try to be a doer and initiator, with reasonable courage to violate old norms if necessary, and with reasonable self-confidence to justify the need of productive violations when necessary.

My life-time gift to you is this one-liner: 

Performance is the Key!


Dr. Hem Raj Kafle

Associate Professor