KU Merch

KU Merch is a student-led initiative working under the Department of Management Informatics and Communication (DOMIC) formed to produce and provide problem addressing as well as sentiment providing merchandise in the university.


The introductory venture of the team was the successful production and distribution of fabric (non-medical) masks to the students and faculty of School of Management (KUSOM), School of Science (KUSOS), and School of Engineering (KUSOE) at Kathmandu University. This first step was primarily targeted to the freshers (Batch of 2021) of the above-mentioned schools with the aim of encouraging the practice of wearing masks on the campus.

Business model with Medical Science:

As this project was directly linked to the health of the people using the products, the team understood the significance of the production process. Hence, this project was conducted with approval of Dhulikhel Hospital. Additionally, our masks have been produced as per the guidelines stated by WHO (World Health Organization) for protective masks.

Business model with Architecture:

The KU Merch team consulted Ms. Rashmi Manandhar and Mr. Buddha Shrestha (Program coordinator, B. Of Architecture) for experts' views on the design of the masks. This eventually progressed to a collaborative effort with Arch. students of Batch 2020 which produced overall design of masks which can be used for future projects.

Business model with Management:

The KU Merch team actively invested their time and energy for the marketing of their products.

The first promotional event for this project was the distribution of the first batch of KU Merch masks to the freshman students during the orientation program of BBIS and BBA students held at the central campus on December 10, 2021 (2021/12/10). This helped increase the reach of KU Merch to more people which eventually led to interests from the School of Engineering and the School of Science leading to the second venture.

The team also participated in the KUSOM Carnival held on 2021/12/24 at KUSOM, Balkumari. Various merchandise including masks, tote bags, etc. was put up for sale in a booked stall. This aided to increase this initiative's outreach.

Finally, a social media page (Instagram account) was set up for further interaction and communication with the targeted market. The social outlet shares content related to various events and milestones. Throughout the account, the team organized a giveaway which helped the social numbers grow.

Other Outreaches:

As of recently, KU Merch has sponsored a set of TedXKathmanduUniversity designed protective masks and has also prepared for sale limited quantities of the same product.

Future prospect:

All future plans of KU Merch have been vision to identify issues and produce products targeted to address those problems in and around the university.

Distributed toPieces
Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) 240 Pieces
Department of Management, Informatics and Communication (DoMIC) 85 Pieces
Kathmandu University School of Engineering (KUSOE) 600 Pieces
Kathmandu University School of Science (KUSOS) 600 Pieces
TEDxKathmanduUniversity (Sponsored by KU Merch) 100 Pieces
Total 1,625 Pieces