Call for English Language teaching trainer for teachers

A group (student & faculty) of Department of Management Informatics and Communication (DoMIC), School of Management Kathmandu University has been working with different academic communities. The purpose is to scrutinize managerial problems pertaining to any institution, organization and communities, and offer possible solution. For this, we blend curriculum with a real-life situation and facilitates.

Presently, we are working with Vijaya Samudayik Shiksha Sadan, Gaindakot. We carried out the situation analysis of the school and found some issues in some areas. Particularly, we found six main problems related to the students:

Workshop/Training: I (ECD to grade 5)
  1. Lack of communicative proficiency
  2. Students’ unwillingness to speak English in English Language class
  3. Grammatical errors
Workshop/Training: II (Grade 6 to 10)
  1. Vocabulary deficiency
  2. Grammatical problems
  3. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  4. Pidgin language use among the students

Interested candidates are requested to select one from these two Workshops/Trainings and submit two days of workshop/training delivery plan (at most 5 pages: APA format) to address these problems.

Population of trainee: 8

Training Location: Vijaya Samudayik Shikshaya Sadan, Gaindakot

Targeted Population: English Language Teachers (Grade ECD to 10)

Required components:

  1. Delivery plan
  2. Session hand-outs, instructional materials, aids and manuals
  3. Teachers' engagement plan before and during the session
  4. Monitoring plan for quality result

Position: 2

Transportation facility: Yes, two way plane fair

Accommodation facility: Yes, VDRC resort

TADA: available



Deadline for submission: 21 March 2020

Official Contact: Dr. Hem Raj Kafle, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Managment Informatics and Communication (

For detail information please contact:

Mr. Durga Prasad Dhakal at / 9849995540

For technical support: Mr. Anamol Sapkota at / 9818197166